Joe Bitters is a photographer currently residing in Philadelphia, PA. Born in Flint, Michigan, he has traveled to many states seeking the best experiences possible while visually documenting his life along the way. About eight years ago he decided to start urban exploring in the desolate and run down city of Detroit. Abandoned buildings and the urban decay of beautiful architecture jump started his photo journey and helped shape him into the photographer you see today. 
Living in Oregon from 2016 to 2022, he has captured some of the best landscapes and wildlife that the beautiful state has to offer. Over the course of six years, he has traveled to places like Washington, California, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. Each state having its own unique experiences to offer, which has made for some wonderful photographs. 
"When I take a photograph, it is more than just a snap shot of the scene. I try to feel the gravity of scene, see the light that is surrounding it, the life surrounding me. To be present is something we do less of these days, and I hope my photographs allow you to pause and appreciate the beauty that is in this world."

My name is Joe and I am a local photographer in Portland, Oregon. I have been capturing special moments for about the last four years. Specializing in multiple areas of photography, I try to tell meaningful stories with my photographs. My interests have always been towards documentary photography, whether that be a beautiful scene I am trying to capture the essence of, or a person who’s emotions I am trying to depict. My goal is to continue learning constantly and challenging myself with new concepts to advance my expertise in not only taking good images but being able to provoke emotion from the viewer and tell a story. 

Prints available upon request! Link to my Etsy is below. Please fill out the contact form if you are interested in any of my work that is not already on Etsy. 

Musicians! Please reach out if you would like to acquire any high-resolution images of your performance that I have captured. Also, if you are planning a tour soon and would like an outgoing photographer to tag along to cover everything please let me know! Published on Vortex Magazine
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